I am from Spain. I chose India to learn English for various reasons. I came across the website of SEA and I found the English course suitable for me as per the skill based distribution of the English classes.

Now after I started the course I realized that my decision was really appropriate. At SEA, I have a wonderful chance to know about different cultures, share different experiences, and communicate with different foreign friends only in English. The teaching content and the methodology at SEA is organized, informative and beneficial. Learning skill based English in such an interactive environment is helping me improve my English everyday and now I am planning to extend the period of my course at SEA.


I am from Korea and I am 67 years old. I am fond of travelling and learning languages despite my age. I have joined English course at SEA where I am learning and practicing different English skills every day. However there are some considerations such as slow pace of learning, health issues like hearing and vision loss, which I am trying to overcome slowly through adjustments in the learning environment. The patience, concern of the teachers is helping me to cope up with the lessons and improve my English skills slowly and gradually. This makes me feel that age is partially detriment to language learning but affective factors such as motivation, self confidence and conviction to learn plays a major role.


I am very grateful to teachers and academy staff for helping me. In this academy, the students can speak freely and act. I think it’s a very good trend. The content of textbooks and trainings is also good. There are many chances of speak in English. In this environment, I am sure to improve English. It was a short period of study for me. However, as compared to the day I came here I think I have learned many business vocabularies. If possible, I would love to come again to this academy.

Mr. MORENO (Spain)

I came here to improve my English for 1 month first. But I extended my course as this academy is very good and teachers are teaching so well that I think I have achieved more than 60% of my expectations now. Teachers give complete attention to each and every student here. You can ask any query freely. They always make sure you understand the topics well. They are providing good services also. In this academy we learn many things. I think this academy is better from other academies. I am enjoying my studies here.


I’m really glad to study English here in SEA. Everything was incredible. Anyway, Teachers are so helpful and also staff in the academy. This academy is very best English school and I have learnt many things here. I will recommend my friends in Loas and Thailand who wants to learn English to come here.


When I came here first, I was scared of learning English and meeting new friends. I was very shy. But, after meeting teachers and friends I felt comfortable and I could get confidence of learning. First I couldn’t speak English on the day I came. But now, I can speak English better than my first day. I appreciate SEA for teaching me. I think 3 months are short to learn foreign language. But my English has been improving. I believe I have achieved my goal. Now, I am very satisfied about everything, I’ve experienced here. I feel I am a lucky guy. If I get an opportunity to come to India again, I will connect with SEA again. Thank you for giving a chance.


I am from Russia. I came here to improve my English and I exactly improved my knowledge and advanced to the next level. Obviously SEA program has a good teaching pattern. I feel huge satisfying!! Thank you so much for your work for training students with interesting approach. The atmosphere in the class is just mesmerizing!! Thank you and I wish academy all of the best!!


Academy has good service, clean, good environment. I like this place. The teachers are very nice and kind. They take care of me very good. At the end of the course, I have achieved my English goal. The Vocabulary and Grammar classes are my favorite; teachers are having very good experience and knowledge.


I enroll Intensive General English for 6 months. I am very happy and want to thanks to all teachers. When I came, I could not at all speak and understand English. Till now 6 months pass, I am very satisfy my English skills. I am now able to write, understand, and speak.


I studied at the Stanford English Academy for 8 months in 2010. First three months, it was very difficult for me because I could not speak. Starting from the forth months, my English skill was getting improved. After graduation at SEA, I came back to Mongolia and applied for many scholarships. I have been granted so many scholarships, ie, Korean government scholarship, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, Mongolia-Japanese government scholarship and Asian development bank scholarship last 5 years.


Hi, I am Esther, I am from Brazil and I have been studying Hindi Course at SEA since October 2015.

I can tell you that it is not an easy language. specially for me it has been a challenge but I have amazing teacher in SEA and I am surprise that how I have learnt a lot in so short period of time.

I totally recommend the Hindi course of SEA.