Study Tour Program

About the program

The summer program offers an ideal mix of academic excellence while enjoying the cultural benefits of living in Navi Mumbai. The program is tailored to each group’s specific needs and are usually of two to eight weeks duration, but may be reduced or extended according to the requirements of the group.

For student.

The package is for 1 month program (4 weeks). Students may join any English classes along with India Tour and excursions during the weekend.


Course Names : Study and Tour Program.

Hours per week: Depends on the length of excursion.

Intake dates: Every Monday.

Minimum group size: 5 students +.

Fees: Available on request.

Course length: 4 weeks.

For corporate.

We offer specially designed program to inculcate a sense of team work among the participants. You will have choices for learning any English course offered by SEA along with an exposure to the diverse cultures within different parts of India. Moreover, 1 day industry visit is included. We have a tie-up with a training company of international repute. The package itinerary can run from 7 days up to 1 month program.


Course Names: Study and Tour Program.

Minimum class size: Minimum 10 people (group).

Course length: 1-4 weeks.

Note : please check for package itinerary via