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Choicest Methodology

Unique teaching technique

Our academic staffs are qualified with a degree in English literature. In addition to background and experience in English teaching, they received specialized training with Cambridge ESOL and Pearson Test of English (PTE). These training programs prepare and certify teachers in the respective field.

Self Designed Courses Designed for the students who have a limited time staying in India or who want to improve the English in a particular English skill. You can design your own courses in a combination of Reading & Vocabulary / Writing & Spelling / Speaking & Listening / Grammar with as many hours as you need to fulfill your expectations. In addition, this course can be availed as private tuition.

Diverse teaching methods Our range of teaching methods includes lectures, class discussions, class presentation, role play and group assignments.

Integrated Curriculum Especially at the elementary level, the curriculum integrates many English skills into the lesson at hand.

Skill Monitoring Monthly test and student activity are compulsory for the course completion. Students are required to appear for the test as well as participate in the assigned activity.