what stanford english academy offer

Intensive General English Course

Course Overview

The content of the Intensive General English syllabus is based on preliminary testing and grouping the students into three comprehension levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. This approach helps students in the lower-level groups to achieve the needed competence. Moreover, the middle-level groups can easily achieve more comprehension level to perfect their skills of English

The course prepares the learners for 4 major English skills which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This course improves the overall knowledge of the fundamental English language skills, including the development of a deeper understanding of English usage and meaning in context. Enhancement of the day to day vocabulary usage in professional & academic environment along with grammatically correct. Spoken English fluency is one of the major highlights of the course. It also helps in gaining the basic insights into various cultures. The learner will understand and discuss key concepts in the study of culture and language and their usage for communicating. By the end of this course the learner will be ready to understand the English language usage in day to day life and able to connect well appropriately.

At the end of the course learner is expected to improve in following areas:

  • Well equip with the English language skills necessary for day to day life
  • English knowledge and accuracy using grammar and vocabulary
  • Writing skills – Grammatically correct formal/informal writing
  • Developing skills in communication (speaking) and public speaking

How do I know whether my English language skills are improved?

Throughout the course, learner progress will be monitored by the following activities:

  • Monthly Activity
  • Monthly Test & Final test
  • Classroom Assignments

Course Information Summary

  • 3 levels are offered: Basic, Intermediate and Advance
  • Study load of 1.5 or 3 hours / day.