Intensive General English

Course Overview

The content of the Intensive General English syllabus is based on preliminary testing and grouping the students into three streams: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. This approach helps students in the lower-level groups to achieve the needed competence and students in the more advanced groups to perfect their knowledge of English.

The students learn to pronounce, read and write. They acquire their knowledge of fundamental grammatical structures and functions (e.g. sentence types, tenses, voice, parts of speech, word order, expressing possibility, obligation, necessity, prohibition, criticism; expressing preferences, making assumptions; asking for/ refusing/giving permission; making offers, suggestions, etc.) They acquire their fundamental vocabulary to fulfill the above mentioned functions in roles, topics and discussions.

The students are taught to be able to converse on different topics (people, jobs, places to visit, festivals/celebrations, disasters/accidents, eating habits, sports/hobbies, environment, education, entertainment, transport, crime, etc.).

The students learn to understand spoken language. Listening texts include monologues and interacting speakers. They are taught to focus on understanding the gist, the main points, look for detail or specific information, and deduce the meaning.

The students are offered adapted/instructional reading material and are encouraged to learn to use different strategies for different reading purposes: identifying the main points in a text, looking for detail, locating specific information in a text, understanding a text structure, etc.

The students are expected to learn to produce written texts of various types: formal / informal / transactional letters, argumentative essays (expressing opinions, for and against), narration (story writing), memoranda and notes.

The course incorporates 3 level components customized for students:

  • 1. Basic
  • 2. Intermediate
  • 3. Advance

Course Information Summary

  • 3 levels are offered: Basic, Intermediate and Advance
  • Study load of 1.5 / 3 hours / day. Monday to Friday Or
  • Study load of 3 hours on Saturday