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English Plus Short Degree Course

Course Overview

Knowing English Language is a free ticket to enter to a world. Stanford English Academy offer English plus Short Degree Course. Student is freely to choose ranges of English courses offered by Stanford English Academy plus various programs offer by well-known University in India. The student will attend the lecture/practical in the University Campus. On completion of the program, an eligible student will get two certificates issues by Stanford English Academy and the enrolled programme by the University.

Programme Area

Sample of Buddhism study, Yoga, Indian Aesthetics

Program Type

Certificate / Diploma


Course Information summary

By the end of the entire courses students are expected to be able to:

  • Total Course Duration : 52 weeks
  • Student needs to pass the University entrance criteria. The entrance exam or Skype interview may require to be conducted.
  • Before enrol, the student need to check the course start date and eligibility with the administrative staff.

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