English Language Training, Kalyan

Course Overview

With a myriad of opportunities present for English speakers we understand the need of today and help people gain the steady footing in such language to help them better there selves and their surroundings. We have courses to help improve the conversational English, grammer course, international economy English, English for our business partners which will help you improve your language abilities at our Kalyan center.

Objective :

We provide training in English to people who want to improve their multi-lingual capacity at work, at home or with friends and colleagues. We are a country in the process of a change to inculcate the international values of various languages including the mixture of languages spoken in English countries such as France, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada to help students learn the language and converse with people and businesses in such countries.

We provide training to pass international exam preparatory courses such as DELF which is the official diploma of English language awarded by the English Ministry of National Educational. We provide hands-on in-depth training in English which will help improve your language speaking capabilities and help maintain fruitful relationship with partners and friends around the world. We have training centers in Kharghar and Kalyan to help you find a location which is easy for your use and help you improve your language capacity.

There are 2 levels:

  • Level A : Foreign language for starter (A1/A2)
  • Level B: Foreign language proficiency (B1/B2)

Course Information Summary

  • Duration 60 hrs per level
  • 2-3 hours study load per day
  • Weekday or weekend batch