what stanford english academy offer

Professional Communication Training

This course is for professionals who have recently graduated or currently working and looking forward to refine their English in working place. It is expected that student should actively participate in active speaking and writing exercises based on business scenarios. In addition to these, business vocabulary, listening as well as presentation skills will also be taught.

The program aims to maximize their exposure to the English language Practice through business module training, participants learn to communicate and lead effectively in English.

Core Program Components include in this program are :

  • Powerful Presentations
  • Meetings and discussions
  • Report writing
  • Winning negotiations
  • Communicationg across cultures
  • English language review

Course benefits / outcome :

  • The ability to develop cogently argued and carefully supported original idea about a variety of text in business relate.
  • The ability to deliver an effective oral presentation.
  • The ability to develop the communication skill in English which can automatically improve the personality of the student and the one can easily participate in different kind of discussion without hesitations.

Course Highlight

  • Reading (Reading comprehension, Business relate topics)
  • Writing (Writing pattern, style, structure, format, Email and proposal writing)
  • Vocabulary (Phrasal verb, abbreviation)
  • Speaking (Corporate culture discussion, holding meeting, hypothetically situation speaking, Advice for communicating well with Colleagues, corporate situational topic speaking)
  • Presentation Skills (Presentation the assign tasks and public speaking)

Course Information Summary

  • Study Load of 2 hours /day. Monday to Friday or
  • Study load of 3 hours on Saturday
  • Course Duration : 4 – 24 weeks