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Intensive General English language Training

Course overview

The content of the Intensive General English syllabus is based on preliminary testing and grouping the students into three streams: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. This approach helps students in the lower-level groups to achieve the needed competence and students in the more advanced groups to perfect their knowledge of English.

Intensive General English course gives student the opportunity to improve their all-round ability in English at any entry level.

The course incorporates 3 level components :

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advance

2 modules are provided: General Purposes for Everyday Use and Skills Based Study

2.1 Intensive General English (GENERAL PURPOSES FOR EVERYDAY USE)

This course will make student confident to use their English skills in a real life. This module focuses on key aspects of Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, Speaking and Listening. The student will enhance below skills:

  • Reading and understanding different types of English texts.
  • Writing clearly and accurately.
  • Listening and able converse easily.
  • Using Grammar and Vocabulary effectively.
Course summary

  • 3 levels are offered: Basic, Intermediate and Advance
  • Study Load 2 hours / day. Monday to Friday
  • Course Duration : 4 – 52 weeks

2.2 Intensive General English (SKILL BASED STUDY)

This course is designed for the students who like to sharpen their English in particular skills. Student can choose to attend any courses below.

The module focuses on 4 main skills:

  • Grammar
  • Communication
  • Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
  • Conversation
Course summary

  • Study Load 2 hours / day. Monday to Friday or
  • Study load 3 hours/Saturday and Sunday
  • Course Duration : 4 – 52 weeks
Examples of the curriculum: Grammar

  • Subject Predicate | Prepositions | Articles
  • How to make questions | Punctuations | Parts of speech
  • Modal Verbs | Sentence Structure | Tenses

  • Foundation (Vowel sounds & pronunciations of word structures, intonation syllable stress)
  • Listening (Podcast of simple& complex level video, speech given by public figures)
  • Speaking (Public speaking on challenging topics, persuasive speech, situational role play, extempore)
Reading & Writing

  • Reading (Comprehension correspondence articles, interpret signaling words)
  • Technical & Creating Writing (Structure, formats, patterns, writing component)
  • Vocabulary (basic usage of words, words related to different levels)

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