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English Language Courses

Every person has a different concern with respect to English language. While some wish to go for advance English training, others look for help in regards to personality development. Some need English language help for travelling purposes while others wish to learn English for IT jobs. No matter what your requirement is, Stanford English Academy is here to help you with the best English language courses customised as per the student’s needs. We have expert faculty in our institution who will take care of every person in a friendly manner and will give them complete guidance.

Different English Language Courses at Stanford

Following mentioned are the range of English Language Courses that we design and teach the students, have a quick look at their descriptions.

  • Academic English Preparation Course: It is designed for students who wish to pursue higher education. There are two modules in the course- upper intermediate and advanced. It is useful for giving tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and other foreign English exams.
  • Spoken English: This is the basic English speaking course and any person who wants to speak the language fluently can take it. The course helps in daily conversations with confidence.
  • Personality Development Program: Stanford Academy English Language Centre understands that some people have low confidence and inferiority complex which can ruin their careers. Therefore, this special course has been designed to help people to understand and learn about business etiquettes, business writing, interview and other aspects. It is an excellent course for English learning and boosting confidence.
  • Hindi Communication Course: Our English Language School teaches Hindi language from basic to advanced level to people who are weak in Hindi. For instance, people from South and East India are weak in English, along with people from other nationalities who wish to work in India can learn Hindi for easy communication.
  • English Conversation for Travelling Purpose: If you are a traveller then it is mandatory that you should speak well in English. If you are weak in understanding, reading and speaking in fluent English, then join the course which helps you to converse easily and gain command over the language. The best aspect of the course is tours are organized so that the students are exposed to the practical travel platform.
  • English and Basic Information Technology: Nowadays, IT department is flourishing all over the world. If you wish to make a career in IT field and are poor in English then this course will help you in fulfilling your IT dream.
  • English and Internship program: If you want to work in a corporate world, then this program will first help you with English language and will then offer you a practical experience with respect to marketing, media, finance, social work, hospitality, and other fields.

Stanford English Academy- Best English Language Centre

If you wish to learn any of the above mentioned course then feel free to join right away and earn your share of success!