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Whether you wish to work in the corporate world or you have a start up plan in your mind, both the acclaimed jobs require speaking immaculate English. Stanford English Academy understands the importance of English language in today’s competitive world and so it has designed two brilliant Business English courses in the same context:

  • Business English Course for Professional Communication
  • English Training for Executives

Detail on English Training for Executives

The specific course has been designed for executive and global managers. It gives practical exposure to the learners so that the result is effective. The course gives practical knowledge and experience with respect to

  • meetings,
  • conferences,
  • presentations,
  • reports and other corporate components.

The professionals of our Stanford team have intelligently fixed the schedule of the course as a person can start at any flexible date. He/she needs to spend just two hours each day during weekdays and three hours during weekends for up to four weeks. After completion, the student will be confident to handle all the executive work smoothly!

Detail on Business English Course for Professional Communication or Business English Communication Training

The course is drafted for recent graduates and for the ones who are working and at the same time want to polish their English speaking skills. Writing, speaking, reading and listening lessons are taught to the students so that they can speak out to the public without hesitation and develop inner confidence to converse with anyone in fluent English. The Business English Communication Training course needs students to allot two hours on weekdays and three hours on weekends for about four or more weeks to get complete knowledge on the subject.

If you wish to get promoted in less time and want to impress your seniors and subordinates, then joining the above mentioned Business English Courses at Stanford English Academy will be a perfect idea. The experienced faculty will make sure that each and every student enrolling in Stanford will leave the institute with the much needed confidence, personality makeover and of course a good command on English language.